“Hi everybody at Salon Cheveux. I had an appointment with Kaylan this past Wednesday at 9:00AM. She is just so kind and patient with me. She gets what I want even when I do not explain it very well to her. She always sees to my comfort after she had colored my hair and put foils on. As I wait she brings me fresh coffee and magazines so I do not get bored. I have been going to Salon Cheveux since the end of January this year. I had walked into the salon and asked if anyone would be available to do my eyebrows. It happened that Kaylin was available that day so she did my eyebrows. I liked her right off and thought I would really like to start having standing appointments with her to do my hair too. I would recommend Salon Cheveux and Kaylin and Shala who does my nails) to my friends who would like to go to a place were great people work Stephanie at the front desk and are very professional in the workplace.”

Laurel F

“Bri.. she’s the best. She makes my hair style so easy to do at home, she know’s just what I need.”

Shonda R

“Thank you for such wonderful service.”

Linda S

“Bre is the best my hair always looks amazing!!!”

Leah D

Best place to get your curly hair cut the right way. Val Debor is the one to go to. The staff is wonderful the place is clean.

Beth T